What are Helicopter Trial Lessons?

Helicopter flights are an extremely exciting gift idea. There are various charter companies around the UK and many of them not only offer helicopter flights but also offer trial helicopter pilot training sessions. What are these trial lessons?

A trial lesson can be a great introduction to flying a helicopter. They are great gift ideas for those who have always wanted to learn to fly a helicopter but have yet to spread their wings. Trial lessons will count towards the Private Pilot’s Licence, so are ideal for those who are serious about becoming a qualified pilot.

Even those who have never declared a desire to become a pilot would surely enjoy a trial lesson. They work a bit like pleasure flights, and you’ll always be in the company of a fully trained pilot. Typically, the pilot can take you to any pre-determined destination or over some sites you’re keen to see.

Those taking trial lessons don’t have to go it alone either. Depending on the size of the helicopter, there is usually plenty of room for friends or family members to come along for the ride, that is if they’re brave enough!

So, to conclude, helicopter trial lessons are just like normal helicopter flights except there is a teaching element and it will count towards your Private Pilot’s Licence should you wish to take the qualification further. They make great gifts and a good introduction to flying a helicopter flying generally.