How to Choose an Anniversary Gift

The old joke is that men usually forget wedding anniversaries, or at the very least they forget the year they’re meant to be celebrating, is it nineteen years of happy marriage, or twenty? In regards to anniversaries, there’s a big difference between a nineteenth and twentieth wedding anniversary, and so it’s important to know this in advance!

Different anniversaries are associated with different traditional gifts. A diamond wedding anniversary, for example, celebrates 60 years. Therefore, it is traditional to buy for your partner the gift of a diamond, perhaps a diamond ring or some diamond earrings.

The problem with simply buying what you’re supposed to buy for your partner is that it lacks spontaneity.  Diamonds are great of course, but do you know what the gift associated with a fifth wedding anniversary is: wood. Of course there are plenty of great wooden things out there, but it’s hardly diamonds, is it?

Many very sensible gentlemen don’t simply adhere to the anniversary/traditional gift correspondence, and use something of their own creativity when they’re choosing presents. For example, they may choose to look online for personalised photo books, a truly romantic gift that’s unique and sentimental.

Quality photo books make a perfect anniversary present. Photographs can be, of course, extremely romantic. Perhaps you’ll create an elegant anthology of your romance, perhaps a collection of your wedding pictures to remind you of that very special day. Remember, that day was just as special whether your anniversary is a year or a 100 years.