Some SEO Strategies from Ecommerce Sites

Nowadays, it’s possible to buy and sell almost anything online. Setting up an online business with the help of Ecommerce Development can be a lucrative and enjoyable source of income. But, is it possible to make one online shop stand out from the hundreds of thousands of other ecommerce sites out there? One way to do this is to use SEO.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) encompasses various techniques that are used to improve a website’s search engine ranking. For regular websites, this can be challenging. However, with ecommerce sites, a whole new set of challenges are raised. Online shops are often made up of thousands of pages. Linking these pages and optimising them for SEO can be difficult and time consuming. Here are some techniques that can simplify eCommerce SEO:

Include a ‘Keyword’ Field in the Database

Ecommerce sites are powered by a database, containing the name, price and description for every product. This database should also contain a ‘keywords’ field. This will make it clear to the search engines what keywords are associated with the products, and make it easier for searchers to find the site.

Write Original Product Descriptions

When setting up an Ecommerce site it can be tempting to save time by using the generic manufacturers’ descriptions of the products on sale. However, pages are likely to rank higher with search engines if they contain original product descriptions. The descriptions can also be optimised with keywords and key phrases for which you are looking customers.

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