3 Interesting Ways for Kids to Record Their Summer

Sometimes getting the kids away form the telly, even on a gloriously sunny day, can be a little like trying to herd cats! The UK weather may be fickle, changeable and famously cruel, but that’s no reason to spend the summer bundled up indoors! Here are three splendid ways to encourage kids to make the most of their summer!

1. Personalised photo books and diaries
Many schools still set the “Write a Diary” annual summer holiday homework, but it can be pretty boring jotting down how amazing a day at Alton Towers really felt on an A5 pad with no pictures. Photo books can be a great way to capture the adventure and brilliance of a summer, and they allow for superb creativity and variation in terms of things like written content, cartoons, photographic storytelling etc.

2. Blogs and V-logs

What kid doesn’t know how to log on and efficiently use the internet? Blogs and v-logs (video blogs) are another way to re-invent the diary wheel to give kids more freedom to express themselves. V-logs in particular give kids the scope to make their own daily or weekly TV show – perfect!

3.Subject-based diaries and achievements

Some kids have singular passions in life – trains, animals, football, their pet dog etc – so why not offer a record of their time with that passion? Pets make great subjects – “What did my dog do in the summer?” – and hobbies also provide exceptional scope for creativity and encouragement.