Audio Visual Solutions in a Commercial Context

Audio visual equipment can offer value across a range of sectors: commercial, residential, educational and corporate. The continued evolution of audio visual systems promises to revolutionise how we shop, learn, work and how we digest entertainment. Here we’ll look at audio visual solutions in a commercial context.

Retail environments have always been very visual spaces. The shops of the 19th century would use shop window displays, bright vibrant packaging and  shop furnishings to create sensarounds that would influence customers to purchase items. How much of this was intended is not clear.

In the modern day, however, visual marketing is definitely “on purpose.” You could easily say that today we’re living in a golden age of visual marketing, both within and without retail environments. Here are a couple of ways that video or audio technology could improve a commercial setting:

Video walls are very popular, and work in a similar principle to traditional shop displays. The key difference is that video content can be dynamic, can easily switch between one thing and another and can offer all the vibrancy and impact of a real display.

Projector technology can be implemented too. In a shop window it’s now possible to incorporate video content, revolutionising the traditional static window display, transforming it into something more dynamic, more changeable and more aesthetic.

Because of HD technology, video walls and projected content can live up to real world visuals, and hit customers where it matters most: on the visual plane.