Be Prepared for Northern Lights Holidays

The Northern Lights is a spectacular phenomenon only visible from certain Northern latitudes. The one thing that Northern latitudes, like Norway, Finland and Sweden, have in common is that they’re cold. Therefore, if you’re travelling to see the Aurora Borealis it’s important that you take the right clothing, and wear it in the right way.

Firstly, we need to understand how the body maintains its core temperature in cold locations. It does this by burning energy, and this is why arctic explorers consume huge amounts of calories. Also, the more that people move around when they’re in cold locations, the less cold they will feel. So, if you are in the arctic and taking part in strenuous activity you will have a lower requirement for insulating clothes.

However, as you get into very cold temperatures, such as those at northern latitudes, there is an obvious need to wear the right clothing. This clothing includes thermal underwear, sweaters, trousers, thermal jackets, woollen socks and boots. There’s no “special” equipment you need, and this kind of cold weather clothing is easily available in the UK and in places like Norway and Sweden.

The way you wear cold weather clothing is also important. The layer technique can greatly enhance the effectiveness of cold weather clothing. Basically, you are insulating yourself by building up layers of clothing, rather than just relying on just one large jacket, which won’t be as insulating as numerous thinner layers.