What is Ice Diving?

When people go on holiday they often like to go diving. Depending on where you dive, however, diving can be dangerous, and should only be undertaken with some degree of training. Ice diving is an extreme kind of diving, and whilst exhilarating it is suitable only for high trained, competent individuals.

But what is ice diving?

Ice diving is a form of penetration diving. When diving under the ice, divers are submerged beneath the ice sheet with only one entry and exit hole. Divers who go beneath the ice are essentially embarking on a brave new world, and this is can be extremely exciting; however, it also has several implications in terms of safety.

With this in mind, various safety measures should be in place. Divers are usually tethered, and various safety equipment is used, such as exposure suits, voice communications, air supply and a buoyancy compensator. There should also be a fully trained surface team, ensuring the safety of divers as they go beneath the ice.

The training of the diver should also be rigorous, and should over the use of equipment and procedure when ice diving.

Ice diving is just one of the extreme, adventurous activities that a North Pole holiday can offer. The arctic is not necessarily associated with vacations, and was only recently a brave new frontier. These days, using ice breaker ships, the arctic is accessible for amateur explorers, and those who crave the ultimate in extreme diving – ice diving.