What Do Timber Merchants Offer Consumers?

Wood is one of the materials that defines the modern world. Of course, it’s a material that’s been used in construction for thousands of years, however the automation of wood cutting and sheet cutting has ensured wood is a very modern construction material, easily capable meeting modern challenges.

Wood is used in a range of sectors, by all sorts of people. It’s obviously widely used in construction, for instance chipboard is used for building kitchen units, however wood can also be used by artists, set designers, architects and product designers who want to create prototypes.

Each one of these people might approach a timber merchant when they need a supply of precision beam cut wood. Good timber merchants can not only offer modern ways of cutting, for example MDF sheets, within a margin of error of 0.1mm, but they are also well equipped to offer advice about what kinds of woods would be appropriate for different kinds of project.

MDF, for example, is an extremely versatile kind of wood used extensively for all sorts of projects. MDF is Medium Density Fibreboard which is an engineered wood created with a mix of hardwood and softwood fibres. This gives it durability, and affordability.

The uses of MDF are various, including in the prototyping of designs and products. These kinds of customers may not automatically think of timber merchants whenever they need to fulfil a project, however timber merchants are well equipped to serve all sorts of customers not just the construction industry.