A reliable all-round toolbox – Some hints and tips

Anyone who works in the building trade workers, or is a mechanical engineer or DIY enthusiast, has one thing in common: They cannot do without their trusty toolbox. All the bits and pieces they need will be in that toolbox, and it is essential that it is kept in a safe, dry place where it can be easily retrieved. Furthermore, a useful tip for not losing precious tools is always to return them to the toolbox straight after use. Keeping tools in the same place within the box will also assist in quick retrieval.

In terms of the most indispensable tools to be included, these will depend on the line of work or the particular hobby of the owner. However, some tools are pretty well universal, and prove themselves indispensable in most situations.

First and foremost, a tape measure is invaluable for measuring between two points. Its retractable spring-loaded mechanism enables easy storage, yet the capacity to guage distances easily and with excellent accuracy. Amongst hand tools, saws, chisels, hammers and screwdrivers are all vital for performing quick small jobs with the least fuss.

Meanwhile, amongst power tools, the ever versatile electric drill performs a key role when it comes to creating neat accurate holes in walls and floors and ceilings. Electric saws and sanders will also be most valuable when it comes to heavy-duty tasks such as kitchen installations, or laying wooden floors.