What are dust disease claims?

Working around dust can be dangerous at times. There are many types of particulate that can lead to dust-related diseases – some of them showing symptoms earlier, some of them showing symptoms only when several years have passed. If you’ve suffered a dust disease-related personal injury in Manchester or elsewhere, it’s important to consult an expert about the compensation you might be entitled to.

Dust diseases are devastating illnesses. Sufferers require extensive care and compensation claims, helped by a personal injury solicitor in Manchester or local areas, can help.

What types of dust?

Unfortunately, many types of dust are harmful. Some causes of dust disease are well known, such as asbestos and coal. Silica and quartz, iron oxide, tin oxide, barium sulphate and beryllium are also dust sources which can lead to serious disease.

Who is responsible for dust disease?

If you’ve worked in the one workplace and that workplace was obviously dusty, your case is probably fairly clear-cut. However, not all dust disease claims are so straightforward.

Dust disease sufferers are mainly those in very dusty jobs, such as miners and stonecutters, but other people can contract dust-related diseases. Contract workers, for example, may be exposed to dust in temporary placements. People who develop mesothelioma or asbestosis may have been exposed to an asbestos fibre in a non-work situation.

A good solicitor can help you determine who is responsible for your dust disease, and you can discuss this aspect of the work of personal injury solicitors in Manchester with us at Carter and Carter.