Should I claim for a public slip?

Accidents happen in life. Sometimes they just can’t be avoided. Sometimes, however, a public accident is caused by someone else’s negligence.

Imagine someone out shopping. They’re pushing their trolley along and miss seeing some fruit that has been left squashed on the floor. A small slip, and they’ve injured their arm; an injury that will take weeks to get over. They’re unable to work, unable to keep their house clean, and suddenly have medical extras to cover. They need help.

Who’s liable?

Different people may be responsible for different accidents. If you slip or trip within private premises, the owner is responsible. If you’re on public land, the local council is likely to be liable. It’s important to consult solicitors for personal injury claims in Manchester.

Is it a reasonable claim?

Sometimes, an accident is just an accident. For damages to be awarded, liability does need to be proved. It is worth considering whether your claim is likely to succeed, and that’s why you should get expert advice from personal injury solicitors. In Manchester you can talk to us at Carter and Carter, as we provide advice on personal injury and accident claims in Manchester and beyond.

Public liability insurance exists for a reason. People do forget to put up warning signs when cleaning up a slippery floor. If you’re injured due to that floor, you’re entitled to help with the expenses your injury causes. If you’ve been injured in a public accident, and you could be entitled to compensation, you are entitled to pursue it.