Power Tools – Wonderfully convenient, but demand respect

For the professional builder, handy person, or DIY enthusiast power tools of one kind or another have become all but essential. Whilst purely manual tasks are sometimes necessary, especially where extra precision on a micro level is required, on the whole there are few jobs where a well-operated power tool will not come in handy.

Today, power tools come in useful for all sorts of jobs. In particular, do-it-yourself enthusiasts would find it hard to do without their trusty electric drills. The great advantage of these tools lies in their portability. Often running on a charge, they can be carried up ladders, enabling users to drill holes in hard-to-reach parts of a room. Electric saws of all varieties are also now available, enabling carpentry and metalwork to be practiced more conveniently and quickly; moreover, with today’s electric saws, if they are handled by an expert, there is virtually no loss in precision compared to manual saws.

Then again, there are tools powered pneumatically, relying on compressed air, and these can pack a powerful punch. Nail guns rely on compressed air, and can save hours of time – when laying decking for example.

However, power tools should always be respected in health & safety terms. Working with wood or metal can lead to mishaps, especially with chips flying through the air. Protective eyewear should be worn, and sensible, rugged workwear. Power tools can also be abnormally noisy, making ear defenders a further essential during regular use.