Common Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss is extremely common, affecting up to 90% of men to some degree. Many men experience hair loss in their late twenties, some earlier and some a bit later during their late thirties and beyond. Women can experience hair-loss too, and whilst female pattern hair-loss isn’t as common it certainly does happen.

Male and female Pattern Baldness

The exact causes of male and female pattern baldness aren’t completely understood, which is why an easy cure for the condition isn’t possible. There are hair restoration treatments available however, such as hair transplant surgery.

What we do know is that people with male or female pattern baldness have inherited sensitivity to a hormone called DHT, which is made from testosterone.


Alopecia, or alopecia areata to give it its full name, is a condition that affects both men and women, whereby the body’s immune system damages hair follicles, which can lead to extensive hair loss from all over the body.

Unlike male and female pattern baldness alopecia is reversible, as follicles don’t experience permanent damage. Often the hair grows back, however this can take many years and varies considerably from person to person.


Extreme stress, e.g. bereavement, can cause hair loss to varying degrees. Often the situation is temporary and the baldness doesn’t follow any specific pattern, unlike male pattern baldness.

Less Common Causes

Male pattern baldness is by the far the leading cause of baldness, however there are lots of less common causes too, such as chemotherapy and anaemia