How To Lose Weight (For Teenagers) – The Healthy Sustainable Way

Get sugar and excess carbohydrates out of your diet. While carbohydrates (which turn to sugar) are ready sources of energy for our bodily functions, any extra carbs will automatically be deposited in the body as fat. Also, too much carb intake can disrupt your insulin level which will lead your brain to signal your body to store more fat.

Obviously lay off the fast food. Replace soda with water, replace fruit juice with tea, and drink water instead of gulping down that energy drink.

Load up on vegetables. This can’t be stressed enough. Veggies are filled with fibre which will help you feel full rather quickly, causing you to drastically minimize eating. And instead of snacking on cookies or biscuits, munch on fruits instead.

Rev up your metabolism. Eat six small meals a day-this will cause your body to actually work faster and more frequently, triggering an increase in metabolic activity. Fast metabolism equals more burning of fats.

Do daily cardio. For 40 minutes, increase your heart rate to at least 150 beats per minute (anything lower won’t burn fat) by jogging, dancing, running, cycling, or any other cardio workouts that you feel comfortable doing.

Steam all your food. Steer clear of fried food and steam everything as much as possible. A lot of food groups can be enjoyed when they’re steam-cooked, so explore and experiment with food combinations that you like best.

Eat slowly. It takes 20 minutes for your brain to send a signal to your stomach that it is already full. Thus, you will never really know if you’re full unless it has already been 20 minutes. So chew slowly, take your time, and allow your stomach to feel full at the right time.

Learning how to lose weight if you are a teenager is initially challenging. But with a commitment to follow through with the steps outlined above, losing weight wont be as difficult as you might have once thought. You will also find it more difficult the longer you put it off.

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