The Importance of Feeling Comfortable Working at Height

It is not uncommon for people to feel nervous when they are high up. From feeling crippling anxiety to having an overwhelming urge to jump, our minds struggle to deal with being up high for many different reasons. And yet, all of these are mere evolutionary traits or a case of past events creating anxiety within us, or giving us urges that are completely at odds with our survival, and all of these feelings can be altered with the right approach.

The longer we spend high up, the more comfortable we become with it, and the more likely we are to feel safe. However, this can also lead to ignorance of the dangers, something that can be even more dangerous. As such, a balance needs to be struck for anyone who has to work at height, and the right approach will be lead one to be comfortable without being blasé.

Working at height training is as important to give people confidence as it is about allowing them to understand the best approaches to stay safe when at height. The more comfortable we are at height the less likely we are to make mistakes, and the more we will be able to get done, and therefore not only will it be important to be trained fully, but also to be offered appropriate fall protection equipment. This way, not only will people feel even safer and be able to do their job in the most effective way, but even should the worst case happen, they will be protected, and in turn not only could a life be saved or an injury avoided, but those working for you will also have higher morale and be able to achieve a great deal more.