What are the Effects of Drug Abuse?

We can say that drug abuse is a problem because it has various serious consequences. Often, the consequences of drug abuse are specific to the addict, however there is much commonality in terms of problems that arise. These issues could pertain to health, social problems, professional or personal problems.

Recently, there has been much research conducted as to the physiological impact of drug abuse. The problem with this research is that it uses “clean” versions of the drug, as opposed to street versions which have often been cut and adulterated with very harmful substances. Regardless, and many illicit drugs, particularly class A drugs like amphetamines or Heroin, can be extremely harmful, inducing coma and even causing death.

The trade in illicit drugs is at the very  heart of many social problems. Because drugs are criminalised, demand for drugs necessarily creates a criminal network. This criminal network is obviously not regulated, and causes a wide range of social problems, funding criminal gangs who branch out into other illegal activities.

Drug addicts are usually hit initially on a personal level. A weed habit could escalate so that someone is smoking every-day affecting their sense of motivation and acting as a barrier against life progression, getting a job and socialising and meeting new people.

All addictions can be treated; however the path to recovery is rarely easy. One effective way to treat drug abuse is with drug detox, undertaken at a drug rehab Cheshire clinic.