Guidance on Teen Drug Abuse

It’s extremely unfortunate, but those most vulnerable to drug abuse are often teenagers. To the teenage mind, drugs can seem glamorous, rebellious and exciting. The consequences of drug abuse can be especially serious when we’re talking about teens, not only because their brains are still developing but also because the ramifications of drug abuse can affect schooling, relations with parents and employment prospects.

One of the most effective ways to discourage teen drug abuse is to educate children about their negative effects. The problem here is that most teens are already exposed to lots of education and so drug education can fail to have an impact. Another solution might be to tighten laws, however the criminal mind will always try to push drugs on vulnerable people regardless of the legal ramifications.

It’s not fair to say that drug abuse only affects a certain kind of teenager. Drug abuse is perhaps more associated with children from deprived backgrounds because there is no infrastructure in place to save these kinds of teens. A middle class teen might be put into expensive drug rehab, whereas a working class kids may be left to fend for themselves, without the guiding hand of a responsible parent or guardian.

Rehab can work though, and it’s important that teens are off drugs as soon as possible, otherwise they risk undermining their future. If you live in Yorkshire then you might consider drug rehab Yorkshire, a last resort but also a first step.