Acupuncture—the good kind of needles

Needle phobia is an incredibly common complaint, with just about everyone cowering at the thought of blood tests, vaccinations and injections of all kinds.  That tends to be why a lot of people are put off by the idea of acupuncture, but it’s time to think again—yes, the procedure involves plenty of needles, but these are most definitely the good kind.

In actual fact, acupuncture is almost totally painless. The needles are incredibly fine and extremely sharp which means there’s minimal damage to the skin, with a lot of patients reporting that the only time they even notice them is when the area is already tender. The needles are inserted into different places depending on the complaint and can be lightly manipulated in order to stimulate a stronger response, but, rather than being painful, the whole experience is incredibly relaxing.

Patients often find the results make the thought of all those needles more than worth it.  A physiotherapist will use acupuncture mostly to treat pain: it can be one of our most effective tools to help patients get some relief.  There is also an argument that it will help to promote a healing response within the tissues.

It’s no wonder that so many London physio centres offer acupuncture as part of their treatment plans. It can be a great way to supplement the effects of physiotherapy and can be especially beneficial in the realm of pain relief. So make sure to have a chat with your physio to see if incorporating acupuncture into your treatment will benefit you, and you could soon be seeing the results of the good kind of needles.