What if there’s Blood in a Dog’s Stool

Finding blood in any stool is usually a sign of a problem. When you find blood in your dog’s stool it can have all sorts of implications. It’s certainly true that it can be a serious sign of a severe health issue, however often it’s a symptom of something much less serious. Whether you suspect a serious problem or not, when you find blood in your dog’s stool you should consult your vet. Here are some possible causes:


It’s possible that your dog has injured their rectum, which has caused an external injury that’s putting out blood. Dogs eat practically anything that’s put in front of them, including sticks and bones, which can end up injuring the rectum causing a rectal bleed.


In dogs, just as in humans, cancer is very serious. Again like humans, blood in a stool can be a sign of cancer. Usually the dog’s stool will be dark and black-coloured, which is often a sign of tumours or polyps. If your dog shows other related signs, such as pale gums, you should immediately consult your vet.


Parasites are a very common cause of blood in a stool. All sorts of parasites can affect canines, such as hookworms or roundworms. Although their presenting symptoms might be fairly obvious and appear serious, they can be very effectively treated with de-worming medication.

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