How to Avoid a Driving Ban if You Have 12 or More Penalty Points

If you have accumulated 12 or more points on your licence in the past three years then you’ll probably be facing a driving ban for at least six months. The problem with this is that many people who’ve accumulated 12 penalty points do so because of a collection of minor violations that have built up over a relatively long period of time.

Whilst not everyone drives, for lots of people being able to drive is central to their personal and professional lives. On one level, someone might drive as part of their working life and so a driver disqualification can remove their capacity to earn a living.

Thankfully, there is some leeway in the law so that those with even 12 points on your licence you may be able to avoid disqualification. In order to achieve this you might require the help of solicitors in Manchester or solicitors Cheshire.

Whether you’re banned or not will depend on whether the magistrates are sympathetic to your case. They will consider a range of issues to ascertain whether a ban would lead to “exceptional hardship.” For instance they’ll consider whether driving is central to your job, i.e. not just used for commuting, or whether your access to public transport, plus various other factors.