Can Hair-loss be Reversed?

It’s an age-old question, whether hair loss can be reversed or not. If there was a simple cure for hair loss then somebody somewhere would be very rich indeed. As you might have guessed, most of the time there isn’t a simple cure for hair-loss, however, these days there are various cures available. In fact, anybody suffering from hair loss has a chance at hair-loss reversal.

The ease with which hair-loss can be reversed depends entirely on the kind of hair-loss. The leading cause of hair loss in women is hormonal imbalance. Often, therefore, addressing this balance can reverse hair-loss. A hormonal imbalance might occur if, for example, a woman is taking contraceptives.

Another cause of hair loss is stress. Stress is thought not only to be a cause of hair loss in its own right but also as a contributing factor to other kinds of hair loss. Therefore, treating the cause of anxiety, stress or neurosis could help to reverse hair loss or at least slow down its effects.

Similarly, diet can play a role. Hormones are carried in the blood and blood is affected by diet. Therefore, with a healthier diet you can improve the “quality” of your blood as it supplies hair follicles, which may reduce baldness.

The most effective cure for hair loss is hair restoration, such as hair transplant surgery. It is most suitable when hair is unlikely to return, for instance due to male pattern baldness. It is a serious operation; however its effectiveness at treating baldness is unparalleled.