Why does the city of London sparkle?

London is one of the most interesting cities in the world and it is also one of the cleanest. However, with such large buildings being used by great numbers of people every day, good cleaning solutions are vital. Many large organisations use commercial cleaning companies for their window, floor and office cleaning. Good quality cleaning is essential for buildings where there are thousands of workers and visitors each day.

Good quality cleaning helps companies comply with health and safety

One of the most common accidents which happens in the work place involves employees or visitors slipping on floors. This results in lost revenue from employees having time off work to recuperate from a possible injury and the cost of the claim for compensation. The use of cleaning contractors cannot eliminate accidents at work but the risk can be reduced as quality cleaning contractors are trained in all aspects of health and safety.

Quality cleaning and the history of soap

The first bar of soap was invented by French chemist, Michel Chevreul in 1823 and was made from pig fat, salt and oil. William Shepphard took out a patent on liquid soap in 1865 and his soap formula produced Palmolive, a mixture of palm and olive oils. This mixture then became the world’s best-selling soap. There has been a revolution in cleaning since that first discovery in 1823 and now the trend is for cleaning products to clean effectively and at the same time be environmentally friendly.