Police use body armour more routinely

It would be wrong to paint a picture that Britain is becoming a more dangerous country. Levels of crime are thankfully low, but for the brave men and women who work in the police service, the need for protection is greater than ever. They never quite know what kind of situation they are going to be faced with.

If people were to think about body armour then they would probably associate its use with an armed siege or a terrorist incident. However, police face the prospect of violent assault in much more everyday situations and this piece of kit has become much more standard issue.

No matter whether they are keeping the peace on a rowdy Saturday night or are responding to a routine call out, it’s impossible to predict what is going to happen out there in the field. By taking precautions and equipping officers with protective clothing, forces can prevent nasty incidents spiralling into something worse. If anyone lashes out with a weapon, like a knife for example, that extra protection can make all of the difference.

A police vest has become an essential piece of clothing. They are lightweight so they don’t slow officers down and they are subtle, meaning they don’t alarm the public. Officers need protection, in more common everyday situations as well as more high profile incidents, but no one wants to see heavily armoured police on streets. This is the perfect way to provide officers with added protection as they go about their work keeping the public safe.