How to Compare Used Forklifts

All forklift trucks look kind of similar, right? Well this might be so, however go to any forklift truck suppliers and you’ll be met with a wide range of used forklift trucks for sale. The best used forklifts for your business will obviously depend on a range of factors, such as budget the nature of your business, as well as the specifics of your site etc.

If you’re on a tight budget there are a few things you can do. A branded forklift might have advantages in terms of its quality, but it is likely to cost more. Obviously, new forklifts will cost much more than used models. Additionally, you can hire forklifts if you don’t have the disposable income to outlay on ownership of a forklift.

The specification that matters most is lifting capacity, i.e. how much a particular forklift is able to lift. Capacity can vary between 3,000lbs to 35,000lbs, obviously this is a huge variance. You should know the lifting capacity that will be most suitable for your modus operandi in advance of purchase.

Do you need a forklift truck for indoor or outdoor usage? Your answer to this question has several implications. Generally speaking, an indoor forklift will be electrically powered and an outdoor model will run on diesel or gas.

A good forklift is an investment, so it’s important to seek as much advice as you can. You can look online for more information.