Three Reasons to Choose Holiday Villas in Italy

When you’re next planning a trip to Italy, you might automatically choose to stay in a hotel. Hotels might appear to be cost-effective, and there are certainly lots of them, however they aren’t your only option. More and more people are choosing to stay in luxury villas in Italy. Here are three reasons why:

More Choice than Ever

Thanks to the internet, it’s now easier than ever to access a wide range of villas. There are villas all over Italy, from Tuscany to Venice, and so you’re bound to find villas in Italy that are perfectly situated. Often, villas are located off the beaten track, out in the countryside or along the coast.

Cost Effective

You might assume that your villa holiday will cost much more than your hotel vacation. It all depends. The cost of staying in a villa might be higher outright than the cost of a hotel room, however when you’re travelling in larger parties you can certainly save money.

Home from Home

Villas are great because they are full-fledged homes. They not only have the convenience of luxury accommodation but most crucially they have the space and the privacy. They usually have swimming pools, and will have everything you’d expect from luxury holiday homes, such as fully-functional kitchens, living areas, internet access etc.