Using Cast Iron Guttering for Period Properties

When you need to install or replace guttering, there are several options. Two of the most popular are UPVC gutters and cast iron guttering. UVPC is cheaper, and it’s relatively easy to install, cast iron is more difficult to install and is more expensive. So why do many homeowners choose cast iron gutters, as opposed to the more easy-to-install UPVC?

One of the main reasons for choosing cast iron is that it fits better with period properties. Plastic is a relatively modern material, and so wouldn’t have existed at the time when many period homes were built. Whilst it’s possible to install plastic gutters on period homes, it creates an anachronism, i.e. it doesn’t look “in-keeping” with the period aesthetic.

Cast iron has long been used as a construction material, especially in the construction of drainage systems, down pipes and gutters. It’s still a very viable material. Cast iron is extremely durable, and should last many, many years in situ. Additionally, cast iron can be extremely decorative, embellished with detail that really adds something to the aesthetic value of homes.

One of the most challenging things about renovating period homes is sourcing authentic products and materials, and making changes to homes that don’t undermine a period look. Thankfully, cast iron gutters are readily available online, and are still considered a very effective construction material. Of course, there’s a reason why many period homes still possess their original cast iron gutters, because they work.