How Do Exterior Features Protect Homes?

It is likely that you spend most of your time inside your home, admiring its wonderfully decorated interiors. You are probably less aware of the exterior of your property, and specifically the exterior features such as gutters and fascias. These features are very important however, both for protecting your home and maintaining its market value.

Gutters you probably are aware of. They perform an extremely important function, directing water away from the roof and down the drain, via a downpipe. Without quality gutters in place water would simply fall off the incline of your roof in large volumes. This is a problem because water can cause a range of issues for homes, including rising damp and even compromising foundations.

You home may or may not have fascias. Period properties don’t have fascias, for aesthetic considerations, however they are clearly visible on many modern homes. They can protect the home as they cover the exposed ends of rafters and protect the space between roofline and the wall, which offers a degree of protection against wind and water damage.

Features like gutters and fascias aren’t impervious to harm themselves. High quality gutters like UPVC guttering are easy to install and relatively affordable. You and also find quality fascia boards online. Ensuring that these exterior features are well maintained and high quality could even add value to your home, both in terms of its market value and the way it looks from the outside.