Benefits of taking out one day car insurance

There are many excellent benefits to taking out one day car insurance, otherwise known as temporary car insurance cover. Here, we look at just a few of the benefits and reasons why this type of cover may be suitable:

Protecting no claims bonus when borrowing a vehicle

If you are borrowing a car for the day then you could benefit by taking out one day car insurance as your no claims bonus on your annual policy would stay secure. For example this could be if you have borrowed a van to move house or borrowed a friend’s car while yours is in the garage.

Cover when someone else is driving your car

Temporary car insurance can be great if someone else is going to be driving your car. For instance this could be if you are sharing the driving on a long journey or a relative has come to stay and they want to use your vehicle.

Choose temporary car insurance cover to drive away

If you have purchased a new car from a showroom or even a used car, you could choose to take out one day car insurance to drive the car home. This would then give you plenty of time to search around to get the best deal on a comprehensive annual insurance policy.

Short term protection for a test drive

If you want to take a vehicle for a test drive then you may wish to consider taking out one day car insurance. You would then have all the protection of a comprehensive insurance policy just for that day.