What are the Benefits of Multi Fuel Stoves?

There are all sorts of ways to heat your home: central heating, open fires, wood burning stoves. There are also multi fuel stoves, which look and function like wood burning stoves, but with a fundamental difference: they can burn different types of fuel.

The types of fuel that multifuel stoves are able to burn is usually wood, peat and coal. It’s often recommended that wood isn’t burned however, and this is best burned in specialist wood burners.  However, technically speaking, multi fuel stoves are more than capable of burning a variety of fuels.

The obvious advantage to this is that fuel prices constantly fluctuate, and so you’re not cornering yourself into using just one kind of fuel. You might have easier access to peat one year and coal the next. A multi fuel stove allows you to heat your home in an adaptable, versatile way.

Like wood burners, a multi fuel stove will be very efficient, it’s reckoned that many models can run at about 80% efficiency. This can save you lots of money, preserve heat inside your home and reduce your impact on the environment.

There are many secondary benefits to multi fuel burners too, for instance they are attractive and can fit well in modern and traditional properties, they are very simple to use too, designed for people who perhaps don’t have experience with wood burners or stoves, and they are very durable and long lasting, usually made of cast iron.