A Little about Woodburning Stove Installation

Regardless of where you buy your wood burner stoves, it’s possible to have them installed by another company. Buying your stove at one place and having it installed by another company might be a great way to save yourself a little bit of money.

But what does the installation of wood burner stoves actually involve?

Flue Installation and Lining

One of the most significant parts of the installation is ensuring that the flue is adequate or even installing a new flue. If a current flue is found to be inappropriate then it can be enhanced with stainless steel lining, this will protect the chimney from tar and smoke.

Surround Installation

Stoves are often chosen for their aesthetic qualities, as well as their practical benefits. With this in mind, you can enhance the aesthetic punch of your stove by installing a beautiful surround. Some companies will be happy to do this, whilst others may not; however, a stove surround is a great finishing touch to any stove installation.

New Chimney Installation

A chimney used to be an essential part of any new build, however these days they are often considered redundant. They are necessary if you have a fireplace or stove, and if your home is sans chimney an installation company can help you install one, or a flue, which will be easier to install and cost a little less.

Installation issues put many people off stoves, however, by choosing the right company, installation needn’t be as difficult as you might intially assume.