Just what is short term car insurance?

Short term car insurance is just what the name suggests. It insures a driver of a car for a short period of time. There are numerous reasons why someone may need temporary car insurance cover and arguably the easiest way to get this cover is by getting a quote online.

What benefits might a typical short-term policy offer?

Short term car insurance policies may generally be taken out for just a single day, one week, for the weekend or even for the month, and may offer protection which includes:

• Damage to the vehicle from, for example, fire, accidental damage, theft or attempted theft
• Theft
• Third-party liability, which typically includes legal liability in the event of injury or death to individuals
• Legal costs if a claim is made against the insured driver
• Costs for emergency treatment

Short term car insurance may come in handy in many different scenarios. It is important to bear in mind, though, that this type of insurance is not a replacement for a typical annual car insurance policy.

You may find yourself needing weekly or weekend insurance for a vehicle in the event that you are going on holiday and are borrowing a vehicle. One-day insurance for a car may be needed if you have purchased a second car and want insurance just to drive the car home. Your own vehicle may be off the road for a month and you might have borrowed a friend’s car and need insurance for a month.