When Do Men Usually Start to Go Bald?

When men get passed a certain age they tend to become a bit conscious about their hairlines. Any degree of hair-loss or recession can cause great distress, hinting at a possible future as a bald man. Some hair loss and recession is common for most men, however, and even severe hair-loss shouldn’t be a cause for alarm.

But when do men start to go bald?

Unfortunately, baldness and hair loss is a very subjective thing, and its nature varies considerably from person to person. The most common cause of hair loss is male pattern baldness, and this is an inherited condition.

However, it’s also a condition that expresses itself differently from individual to individual. The nature of this difference is that men with male pattern baldness go bald to varying degrees at different times in their life. One man might be completely bald by 25, whereas another man might start to go bald in his late thirties.

Typically, however, men who are destined to go bald will start to go bald in their late 20s, from 27 upwards. By going bald we’re not talking about recession from juvenile to mature hairline, and the start of baldness is where the hairline recedes beyond this.

One solution to hair loss is hair restoration. Hair transplant surgery is suitable for all men, and women, who have hair loss, whether this is severe or relatively minor. A hair transplant can be permanent treatment for baldness, reversing your destiny as a bald man or woman.