What’s the Best Age for a Hair Transplant?

Hair transplants are growing in popularity, and this is due, in part, to a number of celebrity advocates. In the UK perhaps the most famous of these is Wayne Rooney, who recently had a very successful transplant at the age of 25.

Other celebrity advocates, such as Gordon Ramsey, had a transplant when they were considerably older, Ramsey was 44. This begs the question, what is the best age for a hair transplant, and when are you too young for the procedure?

It’s important to emphasise that it varies from person to person. Of course many people who are 25 show no signs of hair-loss, perhaps a slight transition from a juvenile to a mature hairline. For these people hair transplant surgery probably wouldn’t be appropriate.

However, Rooney was obviously experiencing a fairly high degree of recession. It was clear that he had male pattern baldness, as his hairline had receded passed the normal position for the mature hairline. In his case, then, a hair transplant made sense.

Also, if you were 24, for example, you might have started to go bald but will continue to go bald for many years. A hair transplant in this case may not be permanent, as it addresses the current stage of hair loss, and you might require a further procedure down the line.

Hair loss is a very subjective thing, and so age is not a very helpful standard, a man of thirty may be less bald than a man of seventeen, and so less amenable to a hair loss procedure.