Paper Or Plastic: Which Is Better For Your Business?

Paper Or Plastic: Which Is Better For Your Business?

When the entire world is suffering from various ecological problems. It is about time that we made some concrete efforts towards the betterment of the ecology. To begin, we can identify the major factors which have led to this situation. The foremost culprit of this problem is the use of plastic. Not only are we using it but in recent times, plastic usage has been so heavy that it has started to show its ugly effects on us and has started to threaten mankind. Switching to something more eco-friendly like paper can be the best for your business as well. This post is dedicated to recognizing the benefits of using durable large paper carrier bags instead of plastic and how your business can help achieve that.

Paper Essentially Better Than Plastic, Any Given Day

The hazards of plastic are not unknown to us, but how can we bring about change to improve the system we are currently in.

Recycling Problems With Plastic: According to reports, less than 1 per cent of plastic is eventually recycled or recyclable condition. This implies that not all types of plastic that we use are made up of recyclable materials. In fact, it can get toxic and affect our ecology with its toxicity if it is recycled. This is a major problem with plastic. Moreover, the plastic which cannot be recycled adds to the waste in our system which we could never get rid of. Let your business introduce paper bags to the customers.

Dangerous To Marine Life: When plastic is simply let out open into the sea, it poses a potential threat to our marine ecology as well. We can often spot big marine animals being washed away dead on the shores, most of which are because of plastic. 

Flooding: Another reason why your business should be promoting the use of paper bags is that plastic when stuck in the sewage pipelines, leads to clogging and consequently results in flooding. We often hear of cities getting flooded. This is due to the rainwater which is unable to find its way out into the sea as the outlet is jammed with plastic bags. 

Health problems: Plastic getting into our food chain has been the biggest blow to us. This has resulted in various unheard, health problems. You can contribute by replacing plastic bags with paper bags and further convey the message to your clients about the benefits of a paper bag instead of a plastic one.

Plastic use has to be reduced drastically to enhance and improve the ecological and environmental problems that the human race now faces. In our day-to-day use, something as simple as switching to durable large paper carrier bags can help in bringing the improvement we long to see. 

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