Tuscany Holidays Have It All

Italy is unique in that it’s a very diverse nation, which offers all sorts of very different holiday experiences. There are stunning coastal destinations such as Naples, modern, fashionable cities like Milan, cities that are steeped in history, like Rome obviously.

Of all the regions in Italy, one of the most dramatic, artistic, picturesque and thrilling has to be Tuscany. It’s a region that comprises of 10 provinces, which are each very different to each-other, promising a wealth of varied experiences.  Tuscany includes some very famous cities, such as Florence, as well as some cultural landmarks that have come to define Italy.

One of these is the Leaning Tower of Pisa, in Pisa. There are also many other cultural landmarks, such as Siena’s cathedral. Second only to Rome, the region of Tuscany is steeped in history and fine art. In fact, the Etruscans founded their civilisation, and pre-curser to Rome, in the Tuscan region, and you can still explore many of the relics of this ancient civilisation today.

What defines an Italian holiday? As well as the history, there is the food and of course the climate. Tuscany also comprises of many coastal regions, and boasts some very picturesque beaches. And of course we can’t forget Florence, one of the most stunning cities in the whole world, let alone Italy.

One way to experience Tuscany is with villas in Italy or luxury apartments in Tuscany, which you can find online.