What are the Top Arctic Experiences?

When you think of a holiday you possibly think of somewhere sundrenched, a beach somewhere perhaps. Maybe you have a cultural destination in mind, somewhere like Rome or London steeped in history. But what about Arctic holidays? It’s cold there right, but what about the experiences on offer?

Aurora Borealis

Possibly the most beautiful thing you’ll see at the Arctic, and maybe the most beautiful thing you’ll ever see, is the Aurora Borealis. These are also known as the northern lights, and they are beautiful lights that play around the stratosphere. They’re caused by solar activity and are a must see on any arctic holiday.

Ice Diving

If you’re very adventurous you might be tempted by ice diving. This is the kind of activity that’s only suited to those with experience, there’s an element of risk involved but this can be part of the fun. Ice diving involves going beneath the ice sheet into the remarkable other world beneath the tundra.

Ice Hotel

If you want something a little more tame then you might consider visiting an ice hotel. This is a hotel entirely made out of ice, with everything you’d expect from a real hotel but carved from frozen water. It really does need to be seen to be believed.

Getting There

An Arctic holiday is the kind of holiday where getting there is half the fun. To get all the way to the north pole you’ll need to set aboard an ice breaker boat, which can be a thrill-ride in its own right.