Italian Food by Region

Italy is a very diverse nation, for lots of reasons and in lots of ways. Italy in fact only became a united country in 1861 and prior to that was a collection of independent states. The distinctions between regions in Italy are still apparent, especially when we’re talking about food.
Naples Cuisine
Naples is one of the most vibrant cities in Southern Italy. It is a very multicultural place, being a port town, and so it draws culinary influences from all around the world. Because it is situated on the coast there’s a lot of quality seafood available.  The pizza was invented in Naples too.
Florentine Cuisine
There’s definitely a different flavour in Florence, especially compared to the vibrant hustle and bustle of Naples. Florence is in northern Italy (in the region of Tuscany) where there is great emphasis on culture and fine living. This is reflected in the food and drink and the region is famous for its wines such as Chianti.
Rome Cuisine
The ancient Romans ate some pretty strange things, (dormice included) however the modern day Roman enjoys much more appetising fare. Rome is a very unique place, there is certainly the touristic aspect to the city however there are lots of great restaurants that offer traditional or fine dining experiences.
There are lots of ways to sample the different cuisines from region to region in Italy, for example you might stay in apartments in Italy or holiday villas in Italy.