A Guide To Plan A Perfect Picnic

A Guide To Plan A Perfect Picnic

Pick your Place

Thank carefully about where you are going to have your picnic. This will depend on what else you are planning to do, the weather and how much stuff you are carrying. The more stuff you have the more of a chore it is to carry it any distance from your car. In these instances you will need somewhere nice that is easy to access by car and this is not always as easy as it sounds. And if you are bringing everything except the kitchen sink, a picnic table is very useful.

National Parks are usually good bet; here you should find easily accessible picnic benches set amongst a stunning setting. If the weather is looking unsettled it might be better to consider a day at one of Britain’s amazing museums instead. Many museums now provide indoor picnic areas, thereby removing the soggy sandwiches issue altogether.

What to bring

The type of outing will determine the type of picnic you will organise. A day trip out hiking through the moors will require a different kind of picnic to one spent on the beach a short distance from the car. This is also going to depend on who you are having the picnic with. If you are having to carry your picnic any distance it is best to travel light, whereas a day at the beach with the family means you will be able to bring more items with you. If you have children in the party, baby wipes and other paraphernalia suddenly become important, whereas an adult only picnic means you can get away with carrying less, unless of course you are going for the posh nosh picnic that requires plates and cutlery.

Food and Drink

The type of food you bring is again determined by who is going to be there. However, in general there are a couple of rules it would be wise to follow. Pick food that tastes nice cold and that doesn’t require too many implements to eat. For example, pre-cut fruit and berries, boiled eggs, small pies and sandwiches are the perfect picnic staples. Storage boxes that are well sealed and easy to open and close are ideal for this purpose.

If you can get organised with food storage containers, this will keep your food fresh, reduce the amount of rubbish you create and provide a container to take leftovers home. As far as drinks are concerned the main rule is not to bring anything that tastes awful when it’s lukewarm. If you are out and about in cold or wet weather it is nice to bring a thermos of hot chocolate with you. Rather than carry it about leave it in the car to be something to look forward to; that will certainly help get children back to the car at the end of a busy day! For a well organised picnic where your food is kept fresh and protected, you should get organised with food storage containers. Try looking for those from reputable homeware stockist Addis.

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