Most Appropriate Ways To Have Your Own Masterchef Kitchen

Must-see TV for many people in the UK is Masterchef, a BBC programme that aims to find the top amateur chef in the country. This year, it was a hotly contested final, but Natalie Coleman from London eventually took the title after beating two Welshmen. The great thing about the programme is that it inspires many of us to get in our kitchens and create something new – either with exotic ingredients or even just cooking something in a new way.
Inspite of, it’s not every day that you would go home and cook “quail three ways” for your family, or set about doing a full braised pork belly dish before taking your kids to swimming lessons. But we have weekends at our disposal, and it can be a lot of fun to challenge your cooking skills with these extra hours.That’s why I set about to think of a few ways that would help you to create your very own Masterchef kitchen here they are:

Plenty of workspace

When you watch the programme, you’ll notice how many different mixing bowls, pans and pots the contestants use. When you’re taking on one of the tougher recipes, there will likely be a lot of elements that need to be prepared and cooked separately which generally means you’ll need a lot of space to prepare them. That’s why a large workspace would be beneficial to you as it means you won’t need to balance bowls on the microwave just so you can get another chopping board on the countertop.

A big fridge freezer

In line with needing plenty of workspace, you’ll probably also want to consider how much space you have in your refrigerator. With many of the Masterchef recipes, you’ll need to chill ingredients for a certain amount of time either to marinade or set properly; the last thing you’ll want is to run out of space! That’s why an American style fridge freezer might be ideal if you want a lot of shelf space whilst still having areas for the everyday food such as butter, eggs and milk.

Awesome appliances

There are some handy appliances that you can buy for your kitchen that makes recipes slightly easier and perhaps a lot faster too. For example a top of the range ice cream maker could allow you to test new flavours without waiting an age for it to freeze, and a bread maker can be helpful for making fresh bread to go with your soup or chowder.

A reliable dishwasher

Once you’ve had fun creating one of the recipes from the show, there is a pretty good chance that you’ll have a fair bit of washing up to do. Don’t let this put you off though, as a reliable and powerful dishwasher should be able to get your dishes clean in no time. If you already have a good dishwasher you’re in luck; so you’d better start thinking about what you’re going to challenge yourself with in the kitchen this weekend.

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