Tips for Improving Telephone Training Sessions

Telephone skills don’t come naturally to everyone. Thankfully, many telephone skills can be effectively taught through training sessions. If your business relies on a telephone infrastructure or call centre then it is a good idea to engage in telephone training sessions, in order to optimise the telephone skills of your employees.

Here are some tips for improving telephone training sessions:

You should consider using call centre software such as call recording software. This will enable you to record and monitor the calls of your workforce and thereby use transcripts of these calls in your training sessions. You will be able to target any specific weaknesses or strengths that your workforce might possess.

Make sure you equip your workforce with all of the necessary skills to perform professionally on the telephone. Many of your workforce might have natural telephone skills but there is still plenty that can be taught. For instance, many telephone operatives benefit from taking notes as they field calls.

Make sure there is a practical dimension to your telephone training sessions. Make sure you engage your employees with real examples and preferably workshop these examples with using role plays.

Ensure that there are sufficient communication channels, so when your employees do have problems with telephone skills they can quickly and effectively report this to their line-manager and then given access to necessary training sessions.