Tips For Completing a Psychometric Test

You might assume that the use of psychometric testing by companies to hire new employees is a little bizarre, something that only the most rigorous businesses are prepared to engage with. It will surprise you to learn, then, that a psychometric test forms a part of the recruitment process for as many as 70% of businesses.

Therefore, it is more than likely that at some stage, if you’re looking for a job, you will encounter a psychometric or personality test. Here are some tips to prepare you:

The difference between a psychometric test and an interview proper is that the psychometric test endeavours to try and ascertain someone’s actual personality beneath the surface layer of charm or charisma. In other words, personality testing attempts to discover how you’ll perform long into the future rather than just in the initial stages of your employment.

Personality tests can be very daunting, however one of their key benefits is that you can’t really get the test wrong. Sure you might find that your personality doesn’t fit the job in question, however this can be viewed as a positive. With this in mind, honesty is always the best policy when taking this kind of test, and not “passing” is not the same as failing.

One common mistake is to tick too regularly any box that says something like “don’t know.” From time to time this might be a reasonable answer, however do this too often and you might show yourself to be indecisive.