Reasons To Upgrade To The Nokia Lumia 925

Reasons To Upgrade To The Nokia Lumia 925

If you are considering upgrading your existing handset, you could be forgiven for considering one of the big three manufacturers currently dominating the mobile phone market – they are of course Samsung, HTC & Apple. Each of these manufacturer’s flagship offerings each have their own set of advantages. But, have you ever considered returning to the former Giant of the mobile phone industry, Nokia? Perhaps, with their Lumia 925 handset, you will.

The Lumia 925 is a Windows OS phone, which makes it different from what you might have been used to with Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS platforms. However, the learning curve is not steep at all. The early days of the Windows OS left a lot lacking in terms of apps, but now that the OS has gotten a better foothold, you can now get comparable or equivalent apps to all of your old favourites.

The camera in the Lumia 925 is truly superb. Weighing in at 8.7 mega pixels, this innovative camera has six Carl Zeiss lenses on board. This, coupled with the huge 4.5 inch, 768 X 1280 AMOLED screen, makes for some amazing photos. And that screen has a pixel density of around 334 PPI, which means it will be clear and bright, and also ideal for reading text on web pages.

Now, these things alone might not be enough to make you consider recycling your current handset and upgrading to the Lumia 925. One of the great things that is unique to Windows phones is the extra cloud based storage that is available. The 925 comes in 16 and 32GB flavours, and while this memory is not expandable, when coupled with the Windows cloud storage, and something like Dropbox, there really is adequate storage available for your apps, games, music and photos.

The user Interface of this phone will be recognisable to anyone who has used either Windows 7 or 8 on their home PCs or Laptops. Browsing the interface is really very easy, and the tiles interface is unique and intriguing. The tiles are mostly live, constantly updating information such as clocks, emails, Facebook feeds etc. The tiles really make this phone stand out, and is totally different to Androids widgets & Apple’s static icons.

Also, the battery is much improved over its predecessor, now up to 2,000mAh, which is plenty to last throughout the day, provided you are not a very heavy user of internet and other multi tasking. And another selling point for this phone is its ability to be charged wirelessly. A separate wireless charging cover is required however, but these are inexpensive, come in a variety of colours, and will also work with other peripherals such as a wireless charging pillow made by Fatboy, or Nokia’s own wireless charging plate.

All in all, the Lumia is a sturdy phone that feels great in the hand, and doesn’t feel as if it would smash into a million pieces if dropped. This is the quality that one has come to expect from Nokia, and this phone is no different.

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