What Are The Key Features Of 9 Apps?

What Are The Key Features Of 9 Apps?

All Android users are aware of how important the Play Store is to download games and even applications. But where most of us falter is Google Play Store is not the only platform for downloading mobile-based applications as there are various platforms as well. There are Android markets from where it is easily possible to download these applications. Some of them that you need to purchase on Google Store are available free from alternative markets.

The key features of 9apps?

  • First and foremost this app is user-friendly. It has been segregated into various categories, which makes it easy for a user in a particular category to locate the app they are looking to download
  • For people of Indonesia and India, this app is highly optimized. For people of Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh this app has been designed keeping their interests in mind
  • From our discussion, this app is lightweight. Of your Android space, a mere 3 to 4 MB is consumed. Being light in weight does not lead to any technical glitches in due course. Basically, lowers the size of an application and speeds up the downloading speed.
  • It is rated to be one of the best 3 party application stores. A lot of third-party stores are there but among the lot, this is rated to be in the top tier
  • Still falls into the domain of third-party stores, it is free from viruses. The rule is very strict against any malicious content, so because of virus problem, you do not need to be worried about speed.
  • The collection of ringtones and wallpapers is huge as you can go on to download them without having to spend a single penny.
  • The content and even applications of the Android market is free from extra charges. It means to download from the store you do not have to shell out a single penny. You could be worried about some of the features of this app, but being free does not mean that you will be availing of low features.  You will be availing of an original version and when you are downloading from the Google Play Store it is expected to have all the original features. In addition, you could find some extra features that you would love.
  • 9 apps ensure full security of your data as no information is subject to leak from your Android system.
  • If there are APK files in the store there exists no Android market for downloading the .apk files
  • A one-stop solution for all your Android needs and even. apk files
  • One of the notable features of this app is that it is available in 14 languages along with English making it user-friendly
  • The Android market makes it a point that the latest versions are available and for this reason, frequent updates are needed. In addition, new apps and games are added based on the suggestions and preferences of your previous downloads

To conclude you might find the above features to be really interesting? This is a unique aspect of this app that forces you to download.

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