Why You Will Have The Holiday Of A Lifetime In Cyprus

Why You Will Have The Holiday Of A Lifetime In Cyprus

It’s that time of year again when our thoughts turn to holidays. Some people head off for wild and exotic places, surely secured by some discount deal, whilst others decide to remain home and have a DIY holiday. Families still may prefer to take little ones to destinations within the UK. For most people, as long as they have time off work and do something, they at least feel they have had a respectable break.

More and more people are however discovering that for the price of a stay-at-home holiday, in terms of food and trips, there are many destinations in Europe which are affordable. Holidays to Cyprus are one such example. Only a couple of hours flight away, Cyprus is a warm and sunny island with guaranteed sunshine for much of the year, making it an ideal destination during term time as well as during the school holidays.

It’s not only the low cost of travelling to and staying in Cyprus which is drawing so many people to the country each year. For starters, Cypriot hospitality is known across the world as being extremely friendly and generous. Upon arrival in Cyprus, expect to be treated like a long lost member of the family. You will find that the atmosphere in shops and restaurants is relaxed and that people will mainly attempt to speak to you in English.

Delicious coffees, fresh fruit and an abundance of history await you in any number of local towns which dot the Cypriot countryside. Perhaps you’ll try your hand at Tavli, a traditional Cypriot game similar to Backgammon. Maybe you’ll try a Loukanika, which is a Cypriot speciality sausage. You might even be lucky enough to witness one of the many festivals which make up the calendar of Cypriot life.

The hospitality aside, Cypriot food will be another reason why your trip to Cyprus will be enjoyable. A mixture of African, Middle East and Greek influences combine to create dishes which your taste buds will delight at. Taste Kleftico, a Cypriot speciality meat dish, for the first time, or enjoy the freshest kalamari straight from the local fishermen’s catch. Soaking up the atmosphere in a taverna, the worries of home will be far from your mind.

As well as the fantastic food on offer, there are many beautiful beaches with clean white sands and clear blue waters. In 2005, 48 of the beaches held the prestigious EU Blue Flag, which is a demonstration of the high standards at which the beaches are kept. Cyprus also has a great deal of history and culture to offer to interested tourists, including the practice of traditional wine making.

So, with so much on offer, there really is no better time to book a holiday to this beautiful country. Generous hospitality, good food and wonderful settings make for a relaxing and affordable break.

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