Tips For London Flat Rentals

Tips For London Flat Rentals

If you’re in the London rental market, you’re in luck. Renters are always keen to find long term rental in central London, but getting the right tenant can be a difficult task. Luckily, you as the owner have time on your side.
The other thing you will also need is knowledge.

Know the agents – You need to choose reputable letting agents in London for several reasons. Handling the lease yourself may seem attractive, but unless you’re able to monitor the situation closely it can swiftly become a time-consuming chore. Also, tenancies in London have inevitable problems, and a reputable agent is best able to deal with them.

Know the codes – Flats in London are often let swiftly, but the right kind of tenant doesn’t come along every day. Your letting agent is likely to want to close the deal as soon as possible, and who can blame them? The good news is you can create your own luck in attracting tenants. Every flat hunter learns how to read between the lines with real estate advertisements, so check in with your letting agents to ensure you’re using the right code. That way, you’re more likely to attract the right tenant from the start.

Know your property – Finally, you need to present your flat at its best. While you may simply want to find a tenant and get on with it, believe your letting agent when they tell you that well-presented properties get the best tenants and the longest leases.