Polish your way to a quick sale

It’s no secret that just a few small touches can improve your chances of a quick sale for your house. If you’re too enthusiastic, though, you could be causing more work for yourself than is necessary. When you’re looking for the shortest sale period possible, you need to know which improvements are going to be worthwhile.

The first, low-cost thing to do is clean the area outside your house. The approach to your house is the first impression buyers have. By keeping gardens tidied and cobwebs dusted, you’re presenting an attractive picture. Even if your property has little room outside, such as a central London property, you need to be careful to keep things clean and tidy. It’s amazing how much polished windows and a newly painted front door can improve a central London flat.

Your second move should be to take care of all the small repairs the house needs. A dripping tap or cracked ceiling can detract from your property.

They say the kitchen is the heart of a home, and it’s certainly true when it comes to the impression of a house for sale. Kitchens can be expensive to renovate, but a secret trick is to simply replace the cupboard doors and any worn surfaces.

A final tip: the timing of your putting your house up for sale is very important. Talk to your estate agents about advertising in autumn or spring when you want a quick sale. Housing markets tend to be slow in summer and winter.