Look Your Best This Cold Season Which is Already There

Look Your Best This Cold Season Which is Already There

We know, we know, it’s Spring! The sun is still shining, and everybody is outside basking in it!

However, it won’t last forever. And once it’s over, the dreaded cold weather comes to visit, leaving most people to retreat indoors and hibernate, fearful of what the cold weather will do their skin and hair. 

If this sounds like you then it’s time for a change. Right now!

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been using the same moisturizer for, when cold weather hits, it’s time to change. The reason behind this is because your skin reacts differently to cold weather than it does to hot, and has different requirements to keep it clear and fresh.

In the cold, look for a moisturizer which is geared towards returning moisture into your skin to give a plump appearance. A simple Vitamin E cream should do the trick if you are looking for the basics.

Many women are surprised to find that their lipstick doesn’t include any type of moisturizing agent. The reason for this is often claimed to be for the longevity of the stain. However, the cold weather is when your lips need moisture the most.

Swap out your fashion lipstick for one which will keep your lips from cracking. If you aren’t sure which is a good fit, start with the Groupon Coupons page for Lord and Taylor in their beauty department.

With your face taken care of, it’s time to pay attention to your hair. The cold weather takes a heavy toll on your hair, often leaving it dry and damaged looking. The first place to start is with a different shampoo. Instead of one which is geared towards giving your hair a deep clean each time, look for one which can bring your hair back to life through moisture and treatment.

Now that your face and hair are taken care of, all that is left exposed are your hands. For these, a simple and fragrance-free moisturizer is suitable. The Vitamin E cream mentioned earlier is more than fine. If you can, also find a pair of gloves which allow you to use your cell phone. This minimizes the amount of bitter wind contact your hands have to ensure.

Looking your best during the cold has nothing to do with style or money, it has to do with knowing what your body needs. AS the cold weather rolls around, keep this tips close and prepare to look fierce this Winter season!

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