More Weight Or More Repetition? What Is The Best Way To Build Muscles?

More Weight Or More Repetition? What Is The Best Way To Build Muscles?

For bodybuilders, an easy recipe for bulky muscles is always attractive. One thing that most fitness instructors and physicians agree on is that there is no easy fix. In case you find something as an easy fix, make sure it’s safe because you will be facing health issues in the long run. Apart from this, diet exercise plan and the way you progress to play a vital role. There is no magic recipe for bulky muscles and bodybuilding in general; however, there are few things that can help you speed up the process and help you with better progress. For the beginners who are struggling with bodybuilding, we will suggest you stay in contact with a professional who will help you plan up the exercises, if you are torn up between these exercise plans that you already have, you can search up the bodybuilding guides. Another essential thing that most people will suggest you is to listen to your trainer, he definitely knows better, and he must have progress monitoring criteria to see how your body has been responding to the exercise plan. We all know how the exercises plan and the progress changes work. Starting from the essential list where you work just 3-4 days per week with minimal weight, you move to full week training with heavy lifting. One thing that most people question is choosing between muscle building and heavy lifting. To help you understand what’s better, here are a few details that every beginner must know.

How Exercise Affects The Muscles?

As we exercise, we are telling our body to stress on the muscles that are being used. This means we are signalling our body to understand that these are the muscles we use very frequently, and so our muscles start to develop more. Every time the muscles lift some weight, it tears up a bit, and every time it heals back, it becomes more robust, which means we are training our body to make those muscles stronger. By the end of a few months, we can see visible changes in those muscles, and we will see that those muscles are far more developed than any other muscles in our body. If you are torn between the fact you should do more reps with less weight or more weight and less weight, you need to understand the effect first. To address these issues, we have answered both of your questions as well.

How More Reps Affect The Muscles?

If you are just a beginner, the chances are that you are lifting less weight so you can do as many reps as you want. This is because you are not triggering the type two muscles, which will be bulkier in size. Instead, you are triggering type 1 muscle, also known as slow-twitch muscle. These muscles have their own benefits because they don’t get too fatigued; however, they are not bulky in size. In short, you are opting for something that can help you do your daily household chores for more time but for bodybuilding; this might not be the ideal solution.

How Heavy Lifting with Fewer Reps Affect the Body

If the weight is more, your muscles will trigger the type 2 muscles, which get fatigued easily, but they are develop bulkier. These muscles are ideal for bodybuilding because you are aiming for bulky and rock-solid muscles. Type 2 muscles are more robust, better, and solid; however, their essential drawback is that they get fatigued easily, which is the reason fewer reps are recommended with more weight.

Final Verdict

If you want to pick and choose, there is no definite answer because you are making progress in both conditions. However, the muscles you develop are quite different, and for every type, you have a few pros and cons. If you want to have bulkier muscles in no time, it is definitely better to lift up more weight and do fewer reps; however, if you want to build your body and lift more weight every time, even in your daily routine, less weight and more reps are far better. You need to choose what you want and adjust your exercise routine accordingly.