Why Yoga Mats Are Important

There is little point in investing in all the right yoga clothing if you’re not going to apply the same amount of time, money and consideration to choosing the right yoga mat. A yoga mat is an extremely important piece of equipment for anyone looking to practise yoga, as it helps you to remain comfortable, safe and stable while carrying out your moves.

The best yoga mats are made from a non-slip material which will help your body to remain stable during any pose. The need for this is obvious from a safety point of view – whether you practise alone or as part of a group, toppling bodies aren’t good news! – but knowing that your hands and feet won’t slip will also help allow you to focus more. Likewise, a yoga mat provides much more comfort than a hard wooden, tiled or cement floor, and a lack of pain will also give your mind the freedom to concentrate on the task at hand.

If you attend a yoga class, you will probably find that your yoga mat works pretty well for establishing your own ‘yoga area’, distancing yourself from other members of the class so that you won’t be distracted thinking that limbs are coming towards you! You can also use the mat for guidance on how to perform a pose if you are still learning – instructors will often direct you to use certain parts of the mat.

If you are on the tall side, make sure you look for a longer mat than is standard, toensure that you are comfortable at all times.