How To Improve Your Martial Arts Skills In Lock Down

How To Improve Your Martial Arts Skills In Lock Down

Training for mixed martial arts is a constant and ongoing process; even the finest professionals have to practice every day. The main reason behind the continuous practice is the fact that our body is adaptive according to the situation, and if we get lazy and stop working, our muscle memory gets affected. Apart from this, as we sit idle, our body loses elasticity our muscles get tighter, so the next time we try to move out of line, there is a high risk of injury. To overcome this issue, we need to train our body for maximum flexibility, and this will help us in making the exercises and fighting process effortless and painless. If the muscle is stiff, there is a high risk of strain because of wear and tear. To overcome this issue, we train our muscles to adjust their flexibility according to our need.

For the MMA trainers and fighters, lockdown is getting really hard because they are worried about losing muscle memory and muscle flexibility. This will, as a result, put them at high risk of injury if they fight, and in case they don’t polish their skill, this will become an even bigger issue for them. As we sit home during the lockdown and the gym are closed, practice sessions are limited, and for the beginner who is thinking of starting their MMA career, this can be quite daunting. One of the main reasons is that without any human contact and private support sessions, they feel lost, and now they are already regretting their choice. To overcome this, there are multiple ways you can not only practice at home using minimal equipment, but you can also polish your skills. On the bright side, you need to know that everyone is going through the same situation, so if you feel left out, that’s not the case. It seems that the world is at a halt, yet you have plenty of time for practice. For beginners who are finding this lockdown troublesome, here are a few of the basic exercises that can help them practice their MMA techniques.

Jump Rope

Your balance, bodily coordination, and footwork play a significant role in helping you maintain posture while fighting. In most cases, beginners feel too intimidated, and they look for ways to overcome their balance issues. Jump rope is one of the best exercises that can help you with balance and body posture as well. This is a standard warm-up exercise that will not only help you with the footwork but will also help you with overall stamina building. If you want to keep an eye on your overall development, nothing gets better than a jump rope. You can also jump rope, or you can use an alternative step technique if you want. No matter what kind of technique you use, jump rope will help you with stamina build-up.


For MMA trainers, nothing gets better than a basic session of shadowboxing, and the best thing about shadowboxing is that you don’t need any equipment. You need to wear your activewear, and you are ready to move to your mat already. Some people opt for gloves, whereas others opt for binding their first with a cloth strip; however, both are not considered necessary at any point. Shadowboxing will not only help you practice your footwork, but this will also help you with making strategies and gaining confidence in your technique and skill.

Bag Workout

A bag will help you fit your punches, gain strength, and know where you are hitting. All you need is your punching bag, gloves, and a mat so you can stay within one small proximity and monitor your footwork as well. In most cases, people avoid bag work because they don’t want to invest in a suitable bag; however, for an MMA trainer, a bag will not only help with practising the punching technique but also the grappling as well.


For beginners and people who are out of practice for so long, cardio plays a vital role. You will build up your stamina, and if your body is not getting used to the routine workout, cardio will help you with that as well. Where most people struggle with activity out for continuously 30 minutes, in the beginning, a good cardio session will help you work out just as much as you want. Your body will be prone to easy yet constant workouts, which will stretch your overall muscles, and stamina and help your muscle find their strength back. In short, you are preparing yourself for the best by giving it a hard time by adding weight.  

Grappling Drill

For the grappling drill, you might need an opponent; however, there are a few instances, like in lockdown where you are quarantined alone and have no access to anyone. In this condition, you can use a grappling mannequin that is available easily; however, another essential thing that can replace the grappling doll is the punching bag, and you can practice your maneuvers of grappling by using the punching bag as well. There are so many different grappling moves that do not require you to have an opponent and that you can practice with the punching bag as well.

Stretching Exercises

Stretching is one of the most important exercises that will help you with muscle flexibility. Mostly when you are out of practice, your body loses its flexibility, and you feel tightening in your muscles. Even if you practice your grappling and MMA at an institute, your trainer will start the practice with a simple warm-up or stretching exercises. At home, you can do the same as this will help you with posture, and flexibility, and minimize the risk of any injury. In case you are not familiar with any stretching exercises, you can search for yoga and other stretching exercises. Yoga will not only calm your body; this will also help you train your muscles for better flexibility.